Monday, May 24, 2010

Posted for Serena

Hope you are all enjoying the amazingly hot weather!
I am in a bit of a pickle - I am looking for a new GP but wanted to find one that is celiac friendly and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions?

Here's my story (and it may be familiar to many of you) in short form:

- over 10 years of various maladies from anaemia, to depression, to mysterious fatty liver and swollen spleen, to rashes and what I thought was adult acne, to bloating and abdominal pain etc.
- last year a professor at school saw me and recommended me to her naturopath who put me on a gluten free diet (the professor has people in her family who are celiac)
- I lost 20 pounds in 1 1/2 months, my skin cleared up mostly, my migraines subsided (from one per day to two since last May!), my fatty liver disappeared, my bloating etc. have improved drastically.
- Not on a 100% gluten free diet, but am investigating
- Lost all confidence in my doctor - possibly because she hasn't thought of celiac, possibly because the only thing they tested for was cancer, and when it was found out not to be told me not to worry, maybe I just have IBS. I now have the impression she thinks I'm hypochondriac.
- Really really want to sort out what is going on with me, just so I know how to deal with it appropriately!!

Please please if you have a good doctor that is open minded about celiac disease and gluten intolerance, please send me the reference! You can reach me at (please put GP reference from blog in the title) - would love to hear from you!!! And would love to get this dealt with asap!

Thanks so much!!!!


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