Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hey all!

I just found out about a good looking burger place in Kensington Market called Burger Bar.  Their menu isn't entirely gluten-free, but they offer gluten-free buns for the burgers, and some great sounding appetizers.  Here's their website, which shows the GF items on the menu:

Also, there's a 50% off deal available online for anyone who wants to try it cheaper.  You can buy the coupons here:

I'll be checking it out next week and will let you all know how it is.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
I went here a month or so ago- the burger was great but the "gluten-free bun" was merely two slices of poor-quality white gluten free bread (square, from a frozen loaf) that wasn't toasted properly, so it still had that grainy texture. The taste was poor so I didn't eat it, and gave the waitress some tips on where to get better buns.
So if someone has gone recently, were the buns better?
For a great burger on a homemade gluten free bun, please try Grindhouse Burger Bar on King St. W near King/Peter. They take pride in baking their own GF buns, which are amazing, make their own condiments, and also serve GF beer (well, Peeler Cider). Highly recommended!

Vegan Restaurant Burlington said...

Cool find. You should check out KindFood ( in Burlington. They're a vegan restaurant with a gluten-free bakery and organic juice bar. Pretty rad

Anonymous said...

they now use Aidan buns, way better nad they have gf beer, and peeler cider!

Kristen O'Sullivan said...

It's a learning process, isn't it? So long as they want to cater to us gluten-free people, they're willing to learn how to do it right.
If anybody's hungry, come by to my kitchen: