Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just wanted to let everyone know that even though Lemongrass advertises a gluten free menu they are very irresponsible. I have eaten there on 3 occasions. The 2nd occasion i felt ill but was unsure of what it could be. The 3rd occasion i had a conversation with the server who told me that they do not use dedicated fryers for the food. In fact, she said it wasn't necessary because they use high heat to kill the gluten in foods. So i need not worry. If i was very sensitive perhaps i should not eat those items. Well that is not gluten free is it? Not only is there cross contamination going on the staff believe that high heat kills gluten. If gluten free was only that easy!! I have emailed them to inform them otherwise but they ignored my messages. Please beware of LEMONGRASS!

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